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Welcome to Stitch Salamander!

My name is Sarah, and I'm a lifelong lover of all things arts and crafts. Stitch Salamander is my way of sharing this passion with all of you! 


Upcoming Events

None currently scheduled

Past Events

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City O' City Market

August 13, 2-7pm

Join me for my first-ever market as Stitch Salander! I'll sell many cute and handmade things, including velvet scrunchies, plushies, coasters, earrings, and more!

Check out my Instagram @stitchsalamander for inventory sneak-peeks and sale information.

Pardon our fuzz, this site is still under construction...

(Get it? Yarn fuzz... construction dust?)

Since I learned how to knit, sew, and crochet in fourth grade, textile arts have been a constant part of my life. I've informally shared and sold my creations to friends and family for years, but always dreamed of selling and showcasing my work professionally.

I'm excited to begin a new and official chapter of my art by starting this site. Follow along as I set up my online shop, share my works in progress and patterns, and post about the local events I'll be attending!

Colorful Knitted Print
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