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These crocheted velvet scrunchies are stylish, unique, and comfortable: the trifecta of accessories!


Available in two different types, all crochet scrunchies are handmade from 100% polyester yarn and a high-quality elastic band.


The plush variety of scrunchie is made from a buttery soft, velvet yarn that poofs up your hairdo and adds some volume. This type is available in dark purple, dark teal, or maroon.


The thin variety is made from a soft, lightweight velvet yarn that is extra comfortable and less poofy. This type is available in red, hot pink, light pink, white, black & sparkly, or blue & sparkly.


Buy single scrunchies for $5 each, or buy three and get one FREE by using code BOGOSCRUNCHIE at checkout. You must add four scrunchies to your cart for the coupon to work. (Limit 2 free scrunchies per customer)

Velvet Scrunchies

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